“The Marine – Challenge of bravery”

“The Marine – Challenge of bravery” is an attractive team building show on military theme with games of extreme challenges for those who dare to challenge their own limits.

On April 22nd, those who love action games will have the opportunity to participate in a completely new, attractive and well-known version of team building show. This show, which is expected to cause “a fever” in Vietnam, is officially named “The Marine – Challenge of bravery” and produced by Van Dac Phuc International JSC.


The team building shows, version “The Marine – Challenge of bravery” have engaged a large number of European and American communities. (Illustration)

Before coming to Vietnam, the games in “The Marine – Challenge of bravery” have also created a great attraction in European countries and have been well received by many, especially the office staff from large enterprises who want to overcome their inertia after stressful office hours and those who want to challenge themselves to prove their bravery. With the extreme challenges that help break the utmost limits of oneself, “The Marine – Challenge of bravery” has been considered by business executives to be the most effective measure for will training and corporate solidarity strengthening.


The participants will only need to bring two things that are bravery and team spirit (Illustration)


The most advanced technologies will be used for the show (Illustration)

With the imported and methodically invested system of game tools, the games have been carefully elaborated in the form of overcoming obstacles, the participants must overcome risky and tough challenges to win. Therefore, “The Marine – Challenge of bravery” requires good physical strength and resilient fighting spirit from the participants. The show will be suitable for young and dynamic entrepreneurs who promote team spirit in their production and business activities.


The participants of “The Marine – Challenge of bravery” will be sweating a lot when facing the challenges. (Illustration)

“The Marine – Challenge of bravery” will be organized for the first time by Van Dac Phuc International JSC. in Flamingo Dai Lai Resort on 22nd April, 2018. Please follow the show at  www.wonderful.vn  and fanpage https://www.facebook.com/vandacphuc

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